General Description 

CAVU is the only company authorized by the FAA to distribute the Form 8060-4/-5 software. Copy of authorization

Upon ordering, verification of examiner status is required through the authorizing FSDO.  Inclusion on the FAA website is acceptable verification.

Form 8060-4/5 is a windows based program designed to reduce the work load associated with the tedious completion of a Temporary Airman Certificate and the Notice of Disapproval of Application (NDA) as required by Federal Aviation Administration regulation. The data entry screen mimics the actual form in order to improve the "intuitiveness" of the program.  


The form can be used as a stand-alone system or in conjunction with Form 8710-1.  A put-down list reads the completed forms within Form 8710.  By choosing one of the names within the list, the appropriate fields are completed on either Form 8060 (-4 or -5).


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Searching Forms

Forms are saved into a central database and can be searched by certificate number or scrolled through one at a time.


A date-to-date style report can be printed showing activity of the preparer.  The report provides the type of aircraft, approval/disaproval, time for oral, practical exams, etc.


The form prints on plain white paper (salmon color paper required for NDA) with two forms per page.  Tick marks are visible for easy trimming.  The wording on the back of the Form 8060-4can be printed also.  Some pre-print the back "Conditions of Issuance" on numerous copies and insert these as needed into the printer when generating a form, thus requiring only the front to be printed.

System Requirements

Windows 95 or above

PC based computer with sufficient memory

Laser, Inkjet or DeskJet printer


 First license  $79
 Additional licenses  $10 ea
 Annual Support Package  $40