1) ORDER ONLINE to obtain the code to download.

2) Click on the appropriate link below to download.


EFB-Pro Demo (time-limited demo of 5 representative a/c; Falcon 50, 800XP, G450, King Air 350 and 604. Specific a/c on request)

EFB-Pro Update


EFB-Copter Demo (Windows based time-limited demo of Mi-17)


EFB-Pro Holdover Time 

EFB-Kwik North America (US & Canada & Mexico)

EFB-Kwik World


PDA-Pro Demo (Palm or WIndows Mobile based time-limited demo of 2 representative a/c; Falcon 50 and 604)

  • Request Demo (After receiving password, select type of demo below)
    • Palm
    • StyleTap     (PocketPC and Windows Mobile 5 requires StyleTap)

FAA Forms

Food Safety

Maintenance Software

MySQL Connector 3.51 (required for messaging within EFB-Pro)


TSA No-Fly List Search (requires TSA website password)