EFB-Pro on iPad for CONTRACT PILOTS ONLY This is a special offer to type-rated contract pilots. For each aircraft type purchased, the app can be installed on one device. All aircraft types purchased will be on each device. Additional devices can be purchased at the normal rate.

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EFB-Pro on iPad for CONTRACT PILOTS ONLY - Subscription (Monthly rate) for
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cavUniversity (annual subscription)
cavUniversity is an online quiz database for flight departments and individual pilots. The subscription is $25/pilot. The administrator will be able to see who took the quiz and what their score was along with their answer to each question. The quiz can be taken as often as desired. The first quiz (of many projected) will be the EFB-Pro Tutorial. The pilot will watch a short video and then answer questions on the subject material. A completion certificate is issued for passing grades.

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January 20, 2021
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